Betopper LM1940 Maintenanc Guide

Betopper stage light


Hey guy! Congratulations on your Betopper LM1940! Can't wait to make your stage shine? However, before making the lights shine, we have to talk about how to properly maintain this artifact. Don't worry, today we will take you through the maintenance issues step by step, just like Tony Stark. Of course, if you have time, it is also a good choice to read the manual.

Unboxing and initial inspection

"Open your eyes!"-Unpack and carefully check whether the device has been damaged during transportation. If there are any problems, contact the supplier immediately.

Power supply and installation

Betopper 19x40W RGBW 4-IN-1 Moving Head Light LM1940
"Don't play with fire."-Before operation, make sure that the power supply voltage and frequency match the requirements of the device. To avoid electric shock, please ground the yellow/green wire. This step cannot be omitted!
The device is for indoor use only and can only be used in a dry place. After all, you don't want your device to short-circuit in a humid environment, right?
When installing the device, choose a well-ventilated place, make sure the device is at least 50 cm away from adjacent surfaces, and the ventilation slots cannot be blocked.


Equipment Operation and Safety

"Keep calm and avoid fire!" - When operating the equipment, make sure there are no flammable materials nearby. Otherwise, the fire hazard is very dangerous!
During operation, use a safety rope to secure the equipment. Remember to hold the equipment by the bottom instead of just the head. This is not only for safety, but also for the long life of the equipment.
The maximum ambient temperature is 40. Do not operate the equipment in places above this temperature. The surface temperature of the equipment may be as high as 85, so do not touch the outer shell with bare hands during operation. Turn off the power and wait for about 15 minutes for the equipment to cool down before replacing or repairing it.
Betopper 19x15W RGBW 4-IN-1 Wash Zoom Pixel Mapping Moving Head Light  LM1915

Common Problem Handling

"If something goes wrong, stop immediately!" - If there is a serious operating problem, stop using the equipment immediately. Never try to repair the equipment yourself. Repairs by non-professionals may cause damage or malfunction of the equipment. Please contact the nearest authorized technical support center and always use spare parts of the same type.
During operation, do not touch any wires, as high voltage may cause electric shock.
To prevent or reduce the risk of electric shock or fire, do not expose the equipment to rain or wet environments.
If the housing, lens or UV filter is visibly damaged, it must be replaced.


Professional Repair and Precautions

"Don't be clever." - There are no user-serviceable parts inside the device. Do not open the housing or attempt to repair it yourself. If your device needs repair, please contact your nearest dealer.

Installation Guide

"Fix it, don't shake it!" - The device should be installed through the screw holes on the bracket, and make sure the device is firmly fixed to prevent vibration and sliding during operation.
Make sure the structure of the mounting device is strong and can support 10 times the weight of the device. When installing, always use a safety rope that can support 12 times the weight of the device.
The device must be fixed by a professional and must be fixed in a place where people cannot reach.


 That's it, my friends! With these simple steps and precautions, you can ensure that your Betopper LM1940 is always in the best condition, making your stage performances cooler and more exciting. Just like the classic line in "Forrest Gump": "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what the next one will taste like." The same is true for lighting equipment. Take good care of it, and your lighting effects will definitely be amazing!


Now, grab your Betopper LM1940 and make it shine! Happy lighting!For more information, please follow our Betopper official website, or our official YouTube account

Betopper stage light

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