Is Betopper a Good Brand?

Is Betopper a Good Brand?

Is Betopper a good brand for stage lights? (Led Par Lights, Moving Head Lights, Laser Stage Lights And COB Stage Lights). If you are looking for the answer to this question, read on to get some insightful details on an amazing brand called Betopper and some of its extraordinary lighting products.


What is Betopper Brand Known For?

The Betopper is one of the pioneer brands in the stage lighting industry of the world. Based in China, it has more than 500 technical and administrative staff members working in a 20,000 ㎡ non-dust workshop.
The company has more than 18 years of practical experience and superior production expertise in the stage lighting business.
They are well versed in the trading activities and export almost XXX products every year to all parts of the world.
Betopper is ISO9001, CE, FDA, CMIM, BIS, IRAM, RoHS & PSE certified and is dedicated to providing high-quality and cost-effective led stage lights to their valued clientele spread all over the globe.
The company’s main products include par lights, moving heads, beam lights and laser lights, etc.
Serving almost every geographic region in the world, they have developed a loyal and satisfied client base with great reviews especially for the clients in India.

Betopper & Big Dipper

The company in point, Betopper, is one of the leading names in the advanced stage lighting industry.
Betopper is the co-brand of Big Dipper, which has been popular in India for a long time and is the first specialist manufacturer of laser stage lights in the country.
The brand name "Betopper" has been derived from the mixture of the words "Be" and "topper". The topper represents the top most or highest. The name envisages and reflects the strong dedication of the company to produce top of the line and best quality products in the market. They strive to beat the top selling products in stage lighting industry and achieve continuous success through adopting latest breakthrough technologies.

Specializing in the production and supply of premium quality and superior technology LED and laser stage lighting products for more than 18 years, Betopper promises its clients innovative consistency, product reliability, and reasonable prices.

Every single product that is manufactured and sold by the company is listed in the best sellers of the market. With great customer reviews and high ratings, the brand continues to provide excellent customer services through durable, reliable and powerful products.

Listing new, improved, and innovative products every year, Betopper is a pioneer manufacturer of laser diodes, laser display systems, and LED stage lights based in China.

Over the past several years, the company has been able to build an unbeatable reputation both locally and in the international markets.

It offers a wide range of stage lighting products including, LED Par lights, Moving Headlights, Laser Stage Lights, COB Stage Lights, and much more in this sector.

Is Betopper a Good Brand of LED Par Lights?

“LED” stands for light-emitting diode while “Par” stands for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector.

An LED Par Light is a form of LED light bulb that is build-up to the highest level of concentrated light. Unlike the traditional incandescent bulb, it produces more than 4 times the light and more brightness.

They are low-cost, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain.

Being a specialist in LED stage light production for more than 18 years, Betopper is the No.1 supplier of a variety of LED Par lights in the market.

Currently, the company is offering 13 different products in the Par lights category.

Are Betopper 18 LED Par Lights Good?

The Betopper 18 LED Par light is one of the best products in the entire market. Some of the key features that make it stand out among other competitors include the following:

  • Full color with Super Brightness RGBW

The 18 LED Par Light offers users brighter colors and high contrasting visual illumination. The light is designed in such a way that 144w LED bulb power can glow in a different color.

  • 4 Each to Use Modes

The Betopper 18 LED Par light can be operated with four different modes including Sound controlled mode, automatic mode, DMX512 mode, and the master-slave mode.

  • The DMX 512 Mode has an8 channel control and supports daisy chain systems.
  • The Automatic Mode is powered byautomated programs that eliminate the need for any further operation.
  • The Sound Activated mode comesis equipped with an acoustic control technical part that enables the light to dance with the rhythm of the surrounding music and any other sound around it.
  • The Master-slave mode is used when you need adazzling and magnificent lighting effect. Operate them through a daisy chain system and the light will follow the display as per the instruction of the first light.

Suitable for both professional and amateur users, the light is easy to operate without any technical training.

  • Additional Power Out Plug

Each of the Betopper 18 LED Par lights is designed to have an extra power out plug to connect with other related products.

  • Robust and Durable Design

The light is packed in a premium quality shell made from high-grade materials of international standards. With the appropriate heat dissipation mechanism, there are minimum chances of over-heating.

It has a strongly built bracket that allows the light to rest on the floor with great stability. It can also be fixed on a Tbar or T truss as well.

The Betopper 18 LED Par light has an approximate operating life of 50000 hours.

Betopper LPC004 18 Led Par Lights 8W RGBW Wash Stage Lights for DJ,Church, Wedding, Performance, Live Music, Studio, Events

Betopper LPC004 18 Led Par Lights 8W RGBW Wash Stage Lights for DJ,Church, Wedding, Performance, Live Music, Studio, Events

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Are Betopper 54 LED Par Lights Good?

This product is ranked among the best 54 LED par lights in the entire industry. It comes with many advanced features that make it superior to its counterparts in the market.

Here are the outstanding features of the Betopper 54 LED Par Lights.

  • Multiple Modes

The 54 LED par light is equipped to provide 9 different modes for the users. These modes include static color, solo mixing, jump, strobe, fade, auto, sound-activated, DMX and Master Slave Mode.

  • Powerful and Bright 4 Pack Lights

Made from 54 premium quality LED RGB 3 in 1 high powered beads, the light offers much greater brightness and a lighting range of upto 10 meters. It has an optical angle of 256 degrees which enables uniformity of lighting outputs.

  • Multi-Purpose Application

With the 9 different operational modes, the 54 LED Par light is suitable for a variety of occasions and usages. You can use it single for smaller events and combine with other par lights for larger live events.

  • Easy Usage and Installation

Packaging comes with brackets ad screws that can be used to set the light on the floor or mount it on the truss or wall. You can also change the angles as per your requirements.

Being a simple plug and play product, the 54 LED Par light will start to work right when you plug it in the power source.

  • Durable and Long-lasting Design

With an excellent safety mechanism and robust design, you do not have to worry about heat dissipation issues.

The light has an average working life of 50,000 hours.

Betopper LPC007 Full Color RGB 54 Led Par 3W DJ Event Wedding Church Stage Lights

Betopper LPC007 Full Color RGB 54 Led Par 3W DJ Event Wedding Church Stage Lights

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 Are Betopper 60 LED Par Lights Good?

If you compare the Betopper 60 LED Par light with other options available in the market, then Betopper products are significantly better than the rest.

Packed with advanced features and state-of-the-art technological innovations, the Betopper 60 LED par lights are definitely superior to the rest of the products in the market.

Betopper LPC60 60 Led Par Lights easy for installations with clamps


Betopper LPC60 60 Led Par Lights easy for installations with clamps


Here are some of its advanced features.

  • Multi-Operational Modes

The Betopper 60 LED par light offers its user different control modes like sound activation, autoplay, DMX512, and master-slave mode.

  • Sound Activated Built-in Programs

It allows color changing and built-in sound active programs that ensure the performance of RGB color mixing and the creation of light shows.

  • Durable Design

The 60 LED par light is manufactured with the highest quality materials and adheres to the highest standards of light and electrical safety mechanisms.

It has a durable and long-lasting design to make it operational for more than 50,000 hours.

  • Brighter Lights in a Variety of Color Options

Sourced from 60 LED RGB 3-in-1 Beads of 1.5 w each, the Betopper product offers high-level brightness and visual clarity for all types of events and occasions. It allows changing colors and static color selections as well.

Betopper LPC60 60 Led Par Lights 1.5W Shows the different stage lighting effect RGBW for different occassions

Betopper LPC60 60 Led Par Lights 1.5W Shows the different stage lighting effect RGBW for different occassions

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Is Betopper a Good Brand for Moving Headlights?

Moving headlights are one of the most vibrant inventions in the stage lighting industry. They help to bring energy and vigor to all types of live performances and other artistic events.

Sparking an aura of excitement and enthusiasm, moving headlights are electrical instruments that help in the creation of colorful lights in motion. They can create patterns and varying textures through bright colorful light rays.

The Betopper Moving Headlights are ideal for setting different types of moods and ambiances. They are phenomenal for the generation of the captivating visual appeal of any event.

The special effects created by the superior quality moving lights of these powerful tools leave a lasting impression on the audience’s minds and souls.

Currently the stage lighting maestro, Betopper is offering three different types of moving headlights. A brief description along with key features of both types is given below.

Are Betopper Washlights Moving Heads Good?

Betopper Washlights are essentially LED-powered products that can change colors, positions, and brightness simultaneously. They help in creating varying movements, oscillations, and splashes of colors through the vibrantly colored lighting LEDs.

They can be set up on the stage to give special effects to the ceiling or any other corner of the room.

Some of the key features that make Betopper’s Washlight Moving Heads better than any other manufacturing brand include

  • Multiple Operational Modes

The moving light instrument is equipped with multiple operational modes including DMX512, Master-slave, automatic running, and sound activation controls.

  • Easy to Operate

The wash light moving head is easy to operate without any special tech know-how. Anyone from an event planner to a professional DJ to a beginner amateur can create wonders with this stage lighting tool.

  • Compact and Durable Design

Betopper is known for its remarkable expertise in the field of stage lighting equipment. Using its extensive research and knowledge, the company has designed the wash light moving head is a small and compact product that is easy to carry around.

It can be set on the floor, mounted on the wall, or any other stand with great stability.

Made from high-quality cast aluminum alloy material makes it rugged and resistant to easy wear and tear. The lifespan of stage lights is 50,000 hours and you can use them for nearly 5 to 6 years.

The built-in cooling fan ensures efficient heat dissipation for enhanced safety.

  • DMX Controlled

The wash light can be controlled smoothly with a DMX channel and can be rotated 540 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically.

  • Leakage Protection

This stage light uses the split main board to provide stable current to the lamp beads and super par light power supply with broadband voltage which complies with international safety standards.

Betopper LM70S 7 Leds 8W RGBW Mini Stage Lights Moving Heads DMX Lighting for Christmas, Parties, Club bar, Concert, Wedding, Disco, Church, Events

Betopper LM70S 7 Leds 8W RGBW Mini Stage Lights Moving Heads DMX Lighting for Christmas, Parties, Club bar, Concert, Wedding, Disco, Church, Events

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Are Betopper Beam Moving Heads Good?

Betopper beam moving heads are popular for outdoor events, concerts, and festivals. They are the best and most affordable option to create an extraordinary visual light effect for your audience.

The most popular product in this category is the Betopper 7R Osram Beam 230W Led Moving Head LB230. Some of its most advantageous features are listed below. 

  • Touch screen

It comes with easy to operate touch screen operational panel.

  • Speed adjustments

The motion and speed can be adjusted as per requirements.         

  • Macro functions

The light is equipped with macro functions of reset/lamp on or off that can be controlled by the controller.       

  • Thermal shutdown circuit

This feature makes the product much safe and secure for a long period of usage.

  • Auto-correction function       

The auto-correction function is very useful and makes the Betopper beam moving head one of the most versatile options for your stage lighting needs.

Betopper LB230 7R Osram Beam 230 Led Moving Head AC100~240V


Betopper LB230 7R Osram Beam 230 Led Moving Head AC100~240V

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Are Betopper Spot Moving Heads Good?

The Betopper Spot Moving Headlights are the most sort after lighting tools in any live event. Going beyond the basic characteristics of a wash light, it creates a textured light concentrated for enhanced brightness and visual clarity.

Whether you are looking to highlight performances or presenters, or you want to create moving patterns to grab the attention of the audience, the moving spotlights are the best choice for any job.

Their rotational and zooming capabilities make them ideal to highlight specific people in the crowd or areas of your choice in the entire room.

With options of using color wheels, prisms, strobes, gobos, shutters, and motorized focusing equipment, you can do magic with these amazing Betopper stage lighting products.

The key pick from this category is the Betopper 90W Gobo Spotlight Beam Moving Head LS90. 

Its most attractive features include the following.

  • Mini Spot Light Head

Although the size is compact and mini, the output is much higher than any other product in the market. It emits a bright white light through a 90 W LED source.

  • Additional Variations

The light comes with separate color and gobo wheels. There are 7 colored wheels and 1 white. Additionally, there are 8 fixed GOBOs plus a spot.

  • Manual focus

You can focus the light easily using the manual operational buttons.

  • Multiple Operational Modes

Like any other Betopper stage lighting product, the Spot Moving Head has 4 operational modes including DMX, Sound Active, Auto, and Master-slave modes.

  • DMX Channel Modes

Our spot moving head features 9 & 16 Channel modes. Using the DMX controller you can create your own light shows easily.

  • Sound Activation

Sound activation enables variations in colors and gobo of the stage moving headlights synchronized with the change in the music rhythm.

  • Simple Installation

Moving head spotlight comes with a mounting bracket to hang on truss, mount on a wall or place it on the ground. You can install it easily and use it readily anytime you want.

Betopper LS10 7 Gobos 10W DMX512 DJ Spot Moving Head Lights Stage Lighting


Betopper LS10 7 Gobos 10W DMX512 DJ Spot Moving Head Lights Stage Lighting

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Is Betopper a Good Brand For Laser Stage Lights?

The Betopper laser stage lights are unmatched in quality and performance in the entire industry. With an innovative design and advanced lighting features, the products are designed with 4 Eyed Laser RGBP Beams.

They allow displaying of various beam effects including diffusing laser network, time and space tunnel, slowly rotating color fans, and much more.

Betopper SD30000-RGB 3W RGB Full-color Animation Laser Stage Lights Stage Lighting Projector

Betopper SD30000-RGB 3W RGB Full-color Animation Laser Stage Lights Stage Lighting Projector

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Considering one of the best products in the market Betopper’s 4 Eyes 560W DMX Laser Stage Lights B102RGB/4 is described with features. 

  • Multiple Patterns and Effects

The 4 Lens 4 Beam light helps create more than 100 different patterns, 300 graphics, and special light effects.

  • DPSS Laser

It uses the Diode-Pumped Solid State green laser, stable output, and uniform emission for creating amazing visual effects.

  • LED indicating and shut-off function

In sound active mode, the unit's panel has an LED indicating sound activation. The unit will shut off after 8 seconds when the music stops.

  • Master-Slave function

The unit will shut OFF if no DMX512 signal. And the system can be connected with many units (as slave units) together to work even if without console in sound active or AUTO modes.

  • Laser Life Expectancy

Under normal operating conditions, a life span of 10,000 hours can be reached. If extending the service life is of higher priority, attention should be paid to lowering the operating temperature.

Betopper B102RGB-4 4 Eyes 560W RGB 15CH DMX Laser Stage Lights

Betopper B102RGB-4 4 Eyes 560W RGB 15CH DMX Laser Stage Lights B102RGB4

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Is Betopper a Good Brand For COB Stage Lights?

A relevantly recent addition to the stage light industry is the COB technology. COB is an abbreviation that stands for Chip on Board.

In the lighting industry, the COB consists of groups of LEDs packed together in clusters in circuit boards. This results in the production of light output which is very bright and high intensity.

It also offers uniform light and high display index.

The COB lighting technology is popular because it produces high levels of illumination through a compact technological design.

Betopper produces some of the most innovative and state-of-the-art COB stage lights in the market. With extended useful lives and high lumen output, the Betopper COB stage lights are very energy efficient.

They do not waste energy by excessive heat emission and have a lesser rate of failure than their counterparts.

Are Betopper Waterproof COB Stage Lights Good? 

The most prominent product in the category of COB stage lights by Betopper is the Betopper 100W COB Stage Light LC001-H. 

It is a 3-in-1 professional-grade LED lighting mechanism that offers high levels of brightness and longer durability.

What makes it superior to other brands in the industry are the amazing features described below.

  • Multiple Operational Modes

The COB spot light has 4 different controlling modes including automatic, sound activation, DMX512, and the Master-slave. Designed to meet different types of live coverage needs, the product is easy to use without any special technical guidance.

  • 3 Luxury Light Options

The Betopper COB stage light is equipped to provide its users with 3 different colors of lights. These include the warm white color, the cold white color, and the warm yellow color.

The selection of any specific lighting color allows you to create your favorite choice of ambiance. Warm, luxurious, and cool, the variations are ideal for different live events.

  • Powerful Light Source

This COB lighting device utilizes 100W LED COB par as a primary source. Designed for secure stability and better heat dissipation, the light is efficient, reliable and offers high levels of lighting uniformity.

The built-in cooling fan technology helps keep the light stable and regulates temperature to avoid accidents and wear and tear.

Betopper 100W COB Stage Light Professional DJ Party Lights for Church Stage Lighting White Cold LED Light DMX512 Spotlight for All Events,Theater, Live Music, Wedding, Concert, Ceremony


Betopper 100W COB Stage Light Professional DJ Party Lights for Church Stage Lighting White Cold LED Light DMX512 Spotlight for All Events,Theater, Live Music, Wedding, Concert, Ceremony

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  • Durable and Sturdy

The high-powered COB LED light can be used effectively with proper maintenance for up to 10,000 hours.

What Makes BETOPPER A Reliable Company?

Serving clients for more than 18 years, the company has built a history of high levels of customer satisfaction, innovative products, and reliable services.

Betopper and all its team members believe in gaining the trust and confidence of their valuable clients through relentless determination and continuous improvement practices.

The company and its systems have been successfully certified with ISO9001 accreditation, the international quality certification system. It has also ensured to make its products pass the CE, ROHS, and PSE Certification for greater reliability and quality assurance in the market.

What Is Betopper?

Founded in 2003, Betopper is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of premium quality stage lighting equipment in the world.

The company has about 3 key brands in the market namely, Betopper, Big Dipper, and Seven Stars.

Pioneering the revolutionary Laser and LED lighting technology of the industry, the company has established a huge state-of-the-art and scientifically powered production facility in China with over 500 employees.

Housing a 100-thousand grade purification workshop, the company’s production line ensures the prevention of dust and static penetration in the products.

Producing a large variety of stage lighting equipment and related integral parts, the company manufactures laser diodes, stepper motors, scanners, laser cutting and much more.

Betopper has its own advanced research laboratory for ensuring technological excellence and professional innovations in its products.

The company’s mission is to produce and deliver the highest quality laser and LED products and stage lighting solutions at the most affordable prices to clients all around the world.

Committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction and product reliability, the company focuses on the provision of excellent after-sales services and advanced technical support to all clients.

What Makes Betopper Better than Other Brands in the Industry?

  • Extensive R&D

The company spends over 50% of its earnings on Research and Development of Stage Lighting in its purpose-built laboratory facility.

  • Superior Quality Control

It follows a stringent quality assurance policy with the implementation of 3 layered quality control processes before delivering final products to the brand distributors and dealers.

  • High Customer Retention

Betopper has remarkable success in maintaining customer loyalty with over 98.5% of return customer numbers. The company believes in developing strong and long-term cooperative business relationships with its clients.

Check out Amazon customer reviews.

  • Products with Long Life Spans

All products are designed and developed with the assurance of longevity and durability.

  • Low Prices for High Quality

The company promises to offer prices that are affordable and unmatched in the industry. However, the commitment of “no compromise on quality” ensures premium quality at the same competitive prices.

  • Continuous Improvement Policy

The company nurtures an organizational culture of continuous innovation and teamwork. Encouraging new ideas and breakthrough concepts, Betoppers works with the core values of integrity, modesty, and professionalism.

Striving to become the top LED and Laser brand in the world, Betopper is the best choice for all types of stage lighting equipment.

For the Client Betopper is the best brand because it offers:

  • One-Stop Solution Provider - R&D - Production - Distribution – Sales.
  • One to One Free Product Consulting Services
  • One to One Free Quotes and Technical Support.

Where Can You Buy Betopper Products?

Available readily in all major markets of the world, Betopper has an extensive network of distributors and dealers both locally and internationally.

Focused on building convenience and efficiency for the clients, the Betopper Products can be purchased online through their customer-friendly website and also Amazon.


The crux of the above discussion is summarized in the answers to these FAQs.

Is Betopper a legit company?

Yes. The company has been in business for 18 years and works under three co-brands namely Betopper, Big Dipper, and Seven Stars.

Are they a good brand?

They are a leading name in the Stage Lighting Industry of China and the entire world.

Are their products highly rated?

Available readily in almost every part of the world, the products are highly rated with excellent customer reviews.

Do they make quality products?

Adhering to the highest standards of international quality and superior R&D, the company produces premium stage lighting products in various categories.

It has attained all the prominent International Quality certifications in the industry.

Does Betopper have good customer support?

Betopper is focused on making the customer experience smooth, convenient, and seamless. Offering one-stop services for all stage light needs, the company's customer support is unmatched in the entire industry.

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