Betopper LM0740 Upgraded New Products Coming Soon!

Betopper movinghead light

Hey, guys! I'm sure you are not unfamiliar with Betopper LM0740, right? Without a doubt, it's the hottest selling product in Betopper, bar none. Now here comes the good news, we are going to launch the upgraded version of LM0740 soon! Let's take a look at what exciting improvements this new wonder has to offer!

Three channels +Pixel Mapping function

First of all, there is no bigger upgrade than going from dual channel to triple channel! Not only that, but we've also added the pixcel mapping function, which is a much-anticipated feature! It allows you to control the lighting effects more flexibly. Want to cool stage lighting, LM0740 upgraded version to help you easily!

Longer equipment aging time

In order to ensure that our products reach you in perfect condition, we have increased the aging time of the equipment before it leaves the factory. Each LM0740 Upgrade is rigorously tested to ensure that you get a product that is complete and happy, not one that makes you beat your chest and say, "Oh my God! What a pisser!"

Looking forward to the new product

Well, aren't you looking forward to the launch of this new product? Don't worry, the new product will be available soon. We are waiting for you!

 For more information, please follow our Betopper official website, or our official YouTube account

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