Betopper new product launch: the shining imaging light

Betopper stage lighjt

       Hey, guys! Are you ready to welcome the new member of the Betopper family? Yes, it is it-our new imaging light! This light is not only powerful, but also beautiful, it will definitely make your stage shine, let's unveil its mystery together!

High color rendering LED, soft light effect

        Have you ever thought, "Wow, this light is really dazzling!"? Don't worry, Betopper imaging light uses high color rendering LED as the light-emitting element, the light output is soft and uniform, there is no infrared light, ultraviolet light, and you won't squint to watch the performance. It has high light efficiency, good color rendering, low glare value, and long life, like a star that never goes out. It is suitable for various places such as TV news studios, virtual studios, conference rooms, multi-function halls and hotel lobbies.

Multiple control methods, flexible and convenient

        Do you think that the control of lights can only be done through the panel? NO! Our Betopper imaging light can not only be operated directly through the control panel, but also through the dual-channel control of DMX512 signals. It fully complies with the international standard DMX512 protocol, and can be controlled by a single unit or used in conjunction with each other. It is so convenient to operate!

Unique cutting function, precise beam control

        Want to control the shape of the beam as you wish? No problem! The Betopper imaging light is equipped with multiple cutting blades, which can be flexibly inserted or removed from the beam to precisely control the shape and size of the beam. Whether it is a rectangle, triangle or various strange shapes, this light can easily handle it. The sharp-edged light spot is perfect for highlighting specific areas or objects, taking your stage effects to the next level.

Easy installation, stable and reliable

        Still having a headache about installing the lamp? Relax! Installing the Betopper imaging light is as easy as playing Lego. You can place it directly on a horizontal surface or hang it on a light stand with a hook. Remember to make sure the installation location is stable enough to withstand the weight of the lamp. Don't blame me for not reminding you. For safety reasons, use a safety rope that can bear 10 times the weight of the lamp for auxiliary lifting. It is also very simple to adjust the projection direction. Just loosen the screws on both sides of the handle, adjust the angle, and then tighten the screws. Done!

        Betopper imaging light is undoubtedly your new favorite for stage lighting. It is not only powerful and flexible to operate, but also easy to install. It can also cut the beam shape at will. It is simply a superhero of stage lighting! Come and experience this artifact! 

For more information, please follow our Betopper official website, or our official YouTube account't miss it!

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