Master the new trend of stage lighting: Let Betopper take you flying

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       Hey, friends! Do you know? To become a top stage lighting designer, you must keep up with the new trends in the industry. Today, let's explore these new trends together and take your stage lighting to the next level!

  1. The transition from single to diversified

    Betopper 18x12W RGBW 4-IN-1 LED Par Light

        Remember the magic lights in "Harry Potter"? The stage lighting of the future will also be diversified like magic. In the past, stage lighting was called "stage lighting" and had a single function. Now, the stage lighting in the 21st century must be diversified, like the Avengers, with all kinds of elements!

  • The combination of lighting and other elements: Just like the planet Pandora in "Avatar", stage lighting is closely combined with scenery, props, costumes, makeup and sound effects to form a diversified complex. For example, the "Light Cube" during the National Day Parade, the trinity of lighting, scenery and props, is so cool!
  • Diversification of light: From a single light element to a diversified element that integrates sound, light, chemistry and electricity. For example, strobe lights and voice-activated lights are like lightsabers in Star Wars, dazzling and changeable.
  • Diversification of stage lighting itself: Different lighting effects can show different scenes, just like the lighting effects of different characters in Transformers. For example, the lighting design in TV galas, different lighting areas create different atmospheres, modern cities, historical memories, the alternation of old and new... Diversified lighting makes the stage more vivid.
  1. The transition from passivity to dynamism

     Remember Jarvis in Iron Man? Today's stage lighting should also have its own ideas like Jarvis! In the past, stage lighting was mainly to cooperate with performances, provide lighting and effects, and was in a passive service position. Now, stage lighting emphasizes its active role and pays attention to the creativity and artistry of lighting.

  • Creativity of lighting: For example, the lighting design of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games makes people marvel at the active role of lighting. Lighting is not only lighting, but also an important means to create and enhance the performance effect.
  1. The transition from static to dynamic


Remember those smart light effects in Avatar? Stage lighting should also move like that! In the past, stage lighting was mostly static and had limited changes. Today, however, stage lighting is dynamic and full of vitality.

  • Dynamic lighting effects: The lighting effects on modern stages can simulate the flying of birds and butterflies, with various light patterns interweaving and blending in a colorful manner. Stage lighting is no longer just static lighting, but a dynamic art world.

       It can be seen that grasping the new trend of stage lighting development is like mastering a magic key to the art of lighting. Let Betopper accompany you to light up a more diverse, active and dynamic stage world! 

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