New Release! Betopper 18x18W RGBW Amber+UV 6-IN-1 LED Par Light

Betopper  parlight


Hey, guys! Betopper has a new product on the market! And the new product is only $99!!!  Come and have a look! You can imagine the beauty of this lamp, a vibrant stage, beams of light dancing in the rhythm of music, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. Every actor on the stage seems to be given new life, they shine and spin in the colorful lights.

Betopper 18x18W RGBW Amber+UV 6-IN-1 LED Par Light

You may be curious, what is behind this magical experience?

Light source: the glorious years of LED

        This par light uses 18W LED lamp beads, a total of 18. These LED lamp beads not only provide high-brightness light, but also have a very long service life. Imagine that a bulb can continue to work for 50,000 to 100,000 hours. What is this concept? Assuming you use it for 5 hours a day, it can accompany you for up to 20 years or even longer. This not only saves time and cost of replacing bulbs, but also greatly reduces environmental pollution.

Color: Endless possibilities of RGBWA+UV

Betopper 18x18W RGBW Amber+UV 6-IN-1 LED Par Light

        The RGBWA+UV 6-in-1 lamp bead configuration gives this par light unparalleled color expression. RGB stands for the three basic colors of red, green, and blue, W stands for white light, A stands for amber, and UV stands for ultraviolet light. By mixing these six colors, you can mix almost all the colors you can imagine, from warm orange to cool purple, from pure white light to mysterious ultraviolet effects. This colorful expressiveness makes this par light an ideal choice for various occasions such as stage, performance, and party.

Voltage and compatibility: universal

        This par light supports a wide voltage range of AC110-220V 50/60HZ, which means that whether you are in North America, Europe, Asia, or Africa, as long as there is a power socket, this light can work normally.

But by the way, you still have to choose the correct plug specification when placing an order, otherwise it will not work.haha

Betopper 18x18W RGBW Amber+UV 6-IN-1 LED Par Light

Operation mode: diversified control

       The operation mode of the par light is very rich, supporting automatic mode, voice control mode, DMX control mode, and master-slave mode.

  • In automatic mode, the lights will change automatically according to the preset program, which is very suitable for occasions that need to be arranged quickly;
  • in voice control mode, the lights will change with the rhythm of the music, allowing the lights and music to blend perfectly and create a more dynamic atmosphere;
  • the DMX control mode provides more sophisticated lighting control. Through the DMX console, the lighting designer can accurately adjust the color and brightness of each beam of light as needed;
  •  in master-slave mode, multiple par lights can run synchronously to form spectacular lighting effects.

DMX channel: flexible lighting programming

       This par light supports 6/10 channels of DMX control, providing flexible programming options. In 6-channel mode, it is suitable for some basic lighting control needs, while 10-channel mode provides more detailed control options for professional lighting design. Through the configuration of DMX channels, lighting designers can achieve a variety of complex lighting effects, from static color changes to dynamic beam movement, from soft gradients to violent flashes, everything is under control.

Portability: Lightweight and powerful

Betopper 18x18W RGBW Amber+UV 6-IN-1 LED Par Light

       This par light weighs 2.5 kg and measures 280*120*300mm. Such a lightweight design makes it very easy to carry and install. Whether it is a small family party or a large performance, you can easily carry it to where you need it and quickly install it. Although it is small in size, its light effect is no less than that, enough to illuminate the entire stage.

      Par light is not only a lighting device, but also a tool for artistic expression. Through it, we can bring the magic of light and shadow into reality, giving the stage and performance a new vitality.

For more information, please follow our Betopper official website, or our official YouTube account


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