Is Betopper CLB260 worth buying?
  Is CLB260 worth buying? Oh! Good question, but since you asked me, I will definitely say it is worth buying! Hahaha       Hey guys ! when I was sorting out the information recently, I found that there...
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Betopper Beam Light Troubleshooting Guide
   Beam lights focus the light source on a focal point to produce a sharp and bright beam effect. Like a laser sword on the stage, this lamp is compact and has a fast scanning speed, making the stage more...
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How to choose a beam light?

       Beam lights focus the light source on a focal point, so that it emits a more concentrated beam, also known as spotlights. Its unique small-diameter cup bulb design and precise focal length positioning make the light efficiency utilization rate extremely high, but also lead to higher heat generation. Early 200W beam lights are prone to bulb explosion, so a constant temperature system is required for heat dissipation. Beam lights are one of the most popular computer lights currently sold, and are widely used in small and medium-sized mobile performances. When choosing a beam light, you need to consider its beam effect, brightness, stability, noise, physical size and value retention rate.

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