Betopper Battery-powered LED PAR Light New Product Launched
1. Introducing Betopper's new products
  • Betopper innovates again
  • New product category: battery-powered LED PAR lights
  • Product transportation challenges and solutions
2. Product functions and uses
  • 6x18W 6in1 RGBWA+UV LED lights
  • Create tens of thousands of colors
  • Applicable occasions: KTV, parties, bars, DJ performances, discotheques
3. Portable design
  • Wireless design and built-in battery
  • Lightweight and portable, weighing only 3 kg
  • Applicable to special occasions: grassland, seaside
4. Control and operation
  • Equipped with remote control
  • Built-in DMX transmitter and receiver
  • Support DMX512 standard protocol
  • Mobile phones and tablets control lights
5. Romantic application of products
  • Suitable as an atmosphere light for marriage proposals
  • The surprise of suddenly turning on the lights
  • Creating a romantic atmosphere scene
6. Battery life and lifespan
  • Uninterrupted use all night
  • Service life of 60,000-100,000 hours
  • The importance of after-sales service
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Betopper te muestra cómo elegir las luminarias en el escenario

        The different stage forms in the theater and their lighting configuration requirements are introduced. Stage forms include ordinary proscenium stage, extended stage, island stage and black box stage, and each form has different requirements for the configuration of lamps. The article explains in detail the uses and effects of different lamps, such as face light, side light, slap light, top light, back light, foot light, sky light, ground light and flowing light. Each lighting configuration has its specific function and application scenario, aiming to create different stage effects and atmospheres. More detailed information can be found on Betopper's official website or official YouTube account.

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