Betopper LM108 moving head light
Betopper LM108 moving head light
Betopper LM108 moving head light
Betopper LM108 moving head light
Betopper LM108 moving head light
Betopper 36x3W RGBW Moving Head Lights
Betopper LM108 moving head light
Betopper LM108 moving head light
Betopper LM108 moving head light

Cabezal móvil 36x3W Luces RGBW Foco de iluminación 9/11 Canal 150W (LM108)

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Fuente de luz: LED de alto brillo de 36*3W (R8 G10 B10 W8)
Vida útil de la fuente: 50.000 horas.
Voltaje: 100-240 VCA/50-60 HZ
Potencia nominal: 150W
Modo de control: Sonido/Auto/DMX/Maestro-esclavo
Canal DMX: 9/16
Tamaño: 260*165*265mm
Peso neto/GW (kg): 4,8/5,6 kg
Unidades/caja: 2 unidades/caja

1 * luz con cabeza móvil LED LM108
1 * Cable de alimentación
1 * mango
2 * tornillos
1 * instrucciones en inglés

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36 Focusing Dyeing LEDs Light to create colorful DJ moving head lights.
Betopper LM108 Betopper LM108
Betopper LM108 Betopper LM108

Betopper LM108

Your ultimate lighting solution. Engineered with a high-speed servo motor and 36 x 3W RGBW LEDs, this device delivers bright, laser-like beams up to 6 meters. Switch effortlessly between Auto, Sound, DMX, and Master-slave modes for dynamic lighting effects. Perfect for bars, clubs, and DJ events. Light up your stage with LM108!
Betopper LM108 Betopper LM108


PAN/Tilt motor running speed, sound sensitivity, built-in effect speed, strobe speed, color brightness/color combination/color gradual change/color jump change are adjustment. Gift Box, LED flat moving head, beam and wash effect, fast-moving speed.
Betopper LM108


Quick and precise response through a smooth motormotion, the beam angle is 10 degrees. It enables large-angle pan or tilt movement, and easy to change beam direction w/ 540°pan and 270°tilt. It can fleetly change stage lights effects.

4 Control Modes

Cabeza móvil de escenario BETOPPER con una fuente LED brillante de 10 vatios. El complemento perfecto para el escenario de cualquier lugar pequeño y mediano, como discotecas, bares, escenarios, iglesias o artistas móviles, el minifoco Sharpy ofrece un espectáculo de luces con cabeza móvil profesional.

Betopper LM108 beam angle Betopper LM108 beam angle

Luz LED para escenario DJ 8 GOBO 8 colores

  • Iluminación de DJ de 8 colores + 8 GOBO: equipada con 8 ruedas de color y 8 ruedas de gobo de patrón, esta luz LED de cabezal móvil proporciona abundante color y efecto de iluminación de patrón, se adapta a diferentes ocasiones.
  • Opción de efectos de luz de 5 modos.


Yes, you can check the manual for specific operations.

LM108 user manual

Different models of lights, such as the LM70S and LM108, cannot be directly linked to function in a master/slave setup due to their distinct design and control protocols. However, you can control both models simultaneously using a lighting console.

Our products have been upgraded for easier setup in this regard. To establish a master/slave configuration, there is no longer a need to manually select the master or slave mode in the menu settings. Instead, simply connect the units in a daisy chain (one unit's DMX out to the next unit's DMX in) and ensure they are set to the same DMX address code. This should simplify the process and allow for a more straightforward setup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bikram S.

I absolutely love these lights. They are easy to set up and use. The color effects are also professional level. They enhance the look of the room. I mount them on Rockville totems. I highly recommend these lights for all DJs.

Very bright, great value! Note: all auto programs have a strobe sequence.

These lights are a bit small for 500-1000 seat theatres and conference halls, perfect for the 150-500 seaters and halls, and a bit overkill for smaller 80-150 seat banquet facilities and restaurants. They work as advertised with one small, but significant caveat: all the stand-alone programs (FastMode, SlowMode, and SondMode) have a strobe sequence. With two of these lights synced together, the strobe effect is intense. We do lots of weddings, and these lights could easily set off a seizure. Parents already come up and ask for Revo 4’s or Vue 3’s that are pointed at the ceiling to be turned off, and the strobe effect on the Betopper LM108 is much more intense. I contacted Betopper directly, but other than connecting the lights to a controller, they did not have a solution. Perhaps for DJ’s that do medium and large halls, which is the goldilocks zone for these lights, Betopper could add a no-strobe bank of auto/sound programs. That said, they work great, are super bright and good value. Cheers.

I absolutely love these lights

They are easy to set up and use. The color effects are also professional level. They enhance the look of the room. I mount them on Rockville totems. I highly recommend these lights for all DJs.

Para el tamao pequeo es muy til para eventos medios

Tiene buen brillo a pesar de ser pequea

John F.

Lights arrived very well packed. They were easy to program using ADJ Airstream. My only issue is that one of the lights (from the first time I turned it on ) appears to have something loose rattling inside of it. It hasn’t affected the performance thus far so we’ll see. Quality control could be better.

Chris W.
Take care of them and they will last.

These are great, the more the better. If you do not abuse them, and treat them with care, they will last. If you strobe constantly 0-100% theres a chance they wont last. I use these with several others with a usb-dmx controller and never have any isssue. the only issue I have had is when I let another LD abuse on them. Manufacturer sent new devices and were very generous.

Coach R.
Great Light, Well Made

This is a great light and it is well made.