How to choose a beam light?

Betopper teaches you how to choose beam lights

What is a beam light?

        Simply put, a beam light concentrates the light source on a focal point, making the light super concentrated and emitted. It's like a laser sword on stage, extremely powerful. This type of lamp is also called a spotlight, mainly because they can concentrate the light source in a small area, thereby forming a strong beam.


The unique charm of beam lights

        The reason why the beam light is so awesome is mainly due to its unique design. Its small-diameter cup bulb and precise focus positioning principle make light efficiency extremely efficient. The brightness is so high that it makes you doubt your life, but for this reason, the early 200W beam lights often exploded. Therefore, the cooling system becomes crucial.


Things about heat dissipation

       The heat dissipation of beam lights is extraordinary. Its wick is thin and there is no peripheral isolation layer, so it cannot dissipate heat like traditional lamps. Excessive heat dissipation will cause the bulb's ionization arc to continuously ionize, affecting its lifespan; insufficient heat dissipation will cause the bulb to explode quickly. Therefore, this beam light requires a constant temperature system to ensure stable operation.

The road to popularity of beam lights

      Beam lights are still one of the most popular types of computer lighting at the moment. When paired with wash lights, they are simply a golden partner for various small and medium-sized mobile performances. So, what are the features of beam lights that make people love them?


Seven features of beam lights

  1. Beam effect

        Want to experience the sharp edge of the beam and the power of the light output mirror? The larger the lens, the smaller the angle and the higher the illumination. These effects can be experienced in the manufacturer's showroom, which will make you shine.

  1. Brightness and light decay of the light source

       For the same optical system, the brightness depends on the power and brand of the light source. Imported brands are usually brighter and more stable than domestic brands. Now most beam bulbs have a lifespan of 2500-4000 hours. With longer lifespan, the light decay is also slower. The brightness is clear at a glance, but the light decay requires long-term use experience to feel.

  1. Stability

       The probability of failure during use is stability. Although it cannot be seen or touched, it can be understood indirectly through user feedback and factory visits. If you have concerns about stability, it is also a good way to understand the manufacturer's service system.

  1. Noise

       Indoor activities pay special attention to noise, such as high-end meetings, which require quiet beam lights. Outdoor activities pay more attention to the angle and profile of the beam.

  1. Physical size and connectors

    Betopper 100w LED Moving Head Beam Light LB100

Small size saves shipping costs, light weight, and can be quickly disassembled and assembled. Hand-in-hand power cords and folding lamp hooks have become standard, saving a lot of labor.

  1. Value retention rate

      After a few years of use, the equipment is likely to be transferred. High residual value and fast transfer are also one of the factors to consider when purchasing.

  1. Herd mentality

      Some customers don’t want to spend time selecting manufacturers and products. Following the choices of peers is a simple and convenient way, and it can also piece together the number to reduce investment.


Betopper 7R 230W Beam Light LB230

According to your actual needs, adjust and choose the product that suits you. I hope this interesting guide can help you easily choose the beam light and make your stage cooler!

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