Is Betopper CLB260 worth buying?

Betopper stage light


Is CLB260 worth buying? Oh! Good question, but since you asked me, I will definitely say it is worth buying! Hahaha

      Hey guys ! when I was sorting out the information recently, I found that there are still many friends who are interested in our CLB260, but they are hesitant and don’t know whether to buy it. This makes me a little sad, but it doesn’t matter. Now let’s see if CLB260 has the charm to make you willingly take it home!

        First of all, we must see what this CLB260 looks like. Let’s watch a video!

In this video we can see that although it is a small body, it has great energy!
In terms of control, it not only supports the international general protocol DMX512, but also supports the RDM protocol! More docking possibilities are added!

Betopper CLB260

       The CLB260 is equipped with a 251-watt OSRAM SIRIUS HRI discharge lamp, which can provide a high brightness level suitable for various performance environments. It provides a color temperature range from 7900K to 10000K, allowing it to adapt to different themes and emotions on the stage.

Don't look at it as small, but there are quite a lot of pattern colors, 11 mixed colors plus 1 white, and 13 patterns can be switched at will, and more importantly, there are 8 prisms! When they are lit up on the stage together, wow, it's so gorgeous! And the lumen is high, the range is long, and the field of view is wider!


Betopper 7R 230W Beam Light LB230

 In this previous blog post, we wrote about how small the CLB260 is, not even half the size of the LB230, but the power and brightness are much better than the LB230! Much lighter than many competitors, which often weigh more than 15 kg. Its compact design does not affect performance, making it easy to operate and install. Of course, more importantly, it is not difficult to move. After all, it is very laborious to move so many machines around, right? Hahaha

      Okay, I have told you roughly, and the language may be a bit crude, but its hidden functions are not limited to these. I hope you will like this CLB260

For more information, please follow our Betopper official website, or our official YouTube account

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