Why the Betopper CLB260 is a great value?


        When looking for the ideal stage lighting, what are the first factors you consider? Brightness? efficiency? Durability? Or product versatility? But in fact, with so many factors, the most critical one is how to choose the right light bulb. This is the most direct factor! As a stage lighting enthusiast, there are so many lights on the market that it’s dazzling to choose from. It’s really difficult to find the right one. However, you don’t have to worry about it. I have a product that can make your eyes shine—CLB260. ! If you want to choose the Betopper CLB260 stage light, but are confused about which style of bulb to choose, then you might as well take a look.

       Betopper CLB260 is a very outstanding presence among several stage lights released. You can also check out this evaluation video!

        Its technology actually meets the requirements for brightness, efficiency, durability and versatility in stage lighting requirements. And it also provides performance and flexibility that far exceeds similar products.

 Next, let's take a look at its various stats!

   Power and input voltage

        This stage luminaire provides excellent light and energy efficiency with its 320W power supply and wide input voltage range (100-240V, 50/60 Hz). Whether in a small theater or a large concert venue, it provides stable and powerful lighting performance.

        Light source type and color temperature output

        Using Ryden and Osram lamp technology, this lamp not only provides color temperatures up to 8000±300K and 7900±300K, but also provides an additional 10000K LED option to ensure ideal lighting effects in any scene. From cold blue light to warm yellow light, perfectly matches different performance themes.

     Special functions and controls

      This lamp is equipped with a quick-changing frost function, which can instantly soften the projected pattern and add layering to the stage effect. Through DMX512 and RDM protocols, every function of the lamp can be precisely controlled. From the 11 colors of the color wheel to the 13 static gobos, every detail can be adjusted according to performance needs.

       Okay, after talking about so many of its advantages,So how exactly do we choose a bulb? Hahaha, that’s it. The biggest difference between them is actually the illumination and life expectancy. In this regard, Osram’s performance is even better. At a distance of 10 meters, Redon can reach 168,400 Lux, while Osram can reach 178,900 Lux, far exceeding the 19,625 Lux of traditional LEDs. At the same time, LED light sources have an expected lifespan of at least 20,000 hours, far exceeding traditional light sources, providing a reliable guarantee for long-term performances.

      In fact, both in terms of technical specifications and practical application effects, this Betopper CLB260 beam light is the leader in the market. And in terms of its weight, we have made great improvements. Many products of the same model on the market are basically above 15kg, but our net weight is only6.5kg. Not only that, we have also made great improvements to the original functions. The improvement makes it brighter and lighter, suitable for various occasions, whether it is a theater or a small concert party, it is a good choice! You don’t have to worry about the price. We all develop products in our own factories, which is very advantageous!

Betopper 9R 260W Beam Moving Head Light CLB260

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