Common Issues and Solutions for the Betopper moving head light CLB260

Betopper CLB260 moving head light

         Hey! lighting enthusiasts!We know that many people like our CLB260, but don’t know much about it, so they may encounter some small troubles that they don’t know how to solve. We all know that when equipment malfunctions, it's almost like seeing the red light blinking at the gates of hell.This is a guide to common CLB260 troubleshooting. Don't worry, today we're going to take care of common Betopper CLB260 malfunctions and solutions. You can take a look at it first, and then even a lighting novice can easily solve it!


  1. CPU-A/B Error

         When you see the red light on, don't panic. First check if the 485 (data) lead on the PCB board is in place or disconnected. Then check to see if the 485 signaling circuit is hooked up. If it doesn't work, consider if there is something wrong with the PCB board.


  1. Translation encoder error

         Is the translation encoder reporting an error? Check whether the encoder is damaged or the wire contact is poor. Simple, right?


  1. Tilt reset error

       Check for dislodged or damaged magnet positions. Look for obstructions within the tilt operating range. Hall elements and motors are also possible culprits. And don't forget, the wires could be making poor contact as well.


  1. Tilt encoder error

When the tilt encoder reports an error, check for damage to the encoder, and poor wire contact is also a possible cause. Applying force may not always solve the problem, but double checking will.


  1. Color reset error

       Check whether the magnet position is correct, whether there are obstacles within the operating range of the color wheel, and whether the Hall element is intact. Don't forget to check the wire connections!

Troubleshooting tips

 The following are some of the minor troubles you may encounter during the operation of the device and their solutions:


 Device does not work, no lights, fan does not work

  • Check power connections.
  • Measure the voltage.
  • Verify that the power indicator light is on.

Not responding to DMX controller

  • Check for proper DMX connector and cable connections.
  • Check DMX address settings.
  • If there is an intermittent problem, check the XLR receptacle and signal cable.
  • Try replacing the DMX controller.
  • Check DMX cable for proximity to high voltage cables that may interfere with the signal.

One channel is not working properly

  • Stepper motor is damaged or PCB cable is broken.
  • Motor driver IC on PCB may have failed.


Bulb goes out intermittently

  • Check bulb operation for proper voltage.
  • Internal temperature is too high, cooling fan may need to be replaced.
  • Keeping the unit clean prolongs its life

       Keeping the unit clean is critical to ensure maximum light output and reliable operation. Depending on the application environment, clean the unit regularly to avoid the buildup of dust, dirt and fume residue. Use a damp, lint-free cloth and a quality glass cleaning solution, not solvents. Clean the external optics every 20 days and the internal optics each time they are cleaned.



  • High voltage risk: Always disconnect the power supply before operation.
  • Do not look directly at the light source: seizures may be triggered.
  • Do not touch during operation of the device: the cover may be hot.
  • Indoor use only.

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