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Beam and Wash Moving Head with a special Feature

I ordered two Betopper 7x40w Wash& Zoom Moving Head units, which were delivered within four days. Unfortunately, one of the devices was defective, but the Betopper support team took care of it very quickly, and now I have two fully functioning devices. The support team not only responds very quickly but is also very helpful at all times.

The devices are well-made and operate very quietly, making them suitable not only for music applications but also for theater uses.

The tight beam and broad wash provide excellent versatility. The B-Eye effect creates special effects that my customers have liked very much so far.

I find the CCT function especially helpful for optimally illuminating a stage.

All in all, I am very happy about the product and the manufacturer Betopper and plan to purchase more devices in the near future.

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Absolutely stunning for this price

I treated myself to 6 pieces and get another 2. I would give 5 stars if the fan were quieter because it will be noticeable if it should be quiet (theater or readings). It doesn't matter at parties or DJs/live bands. The light output can hardly be obtained at the price!!!

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Love these lights

I have tried these lights out before, and liked them enough that I bought another six Lights. They project a lot of light so you have to be careful to dim them down if using them for a stage wash in front of performing artists. If used from above, they really light up the stage. They respond very well to DMX, are very light in weight, And the fan noise is absorbed by all of the things going on stage. I think that they are a great value for the money and highly recommend them.

Hi there! Thank you so much for your positive review of our Betopper LED Par Lights. We are thrilled to hear that you are loving the brightness and versatility of these lights for your events. We appreciate your recommendation and are happy to know that the lights respond well to DMX and are lightweight. Thank you for choosing us and we hope to continue providing you with great lighting products. Have a great day!

Crazy bright wash light / beam light

I couldn't wait to unpack this lamp when it arrived! This light is awesome and is super duper bright! It's basically a bat signal when outside! Especially when it's inside its super bright, it wash the whole room, all the color and light can be adjusted and the brightness can also be adjust with a DMX controller or the integrated led screen with buttons! The speed of the lamp is also very quick and I love that about it! I will definitely get another light like this! 100% would recommend to anybody who needs a moving wash light!

I absolutely love these lights. They are easy to set up and use. The color effects are also professional level. They enhance the look of the room. I mount them on Rockville totems. I highly recommend these lights for all DJs.

A fantastic light show with dmx

What flexible switching of colours, angles and equivalents.

They are great! And even greater for the price!

These are great light! If you look up the item you can link them to a lighting software. They are bright and move smoothly! I already had them a year and still work amazing!

Awesome lights

I used two of them to light a stage for my concert band of about 60 and these lights worked great, well worth it!!!

Awesome Lights

This light is amazing, it lit up my whole room, it moves fast, the zoom is really cool and fast also, you can use it as a spot light or a flood light! The lcd screen is great too, it lets you see all the settings and chnage anything, it also has mode to run on dmx or on its own! would definitely recommend this brand and this light to anybody who needs a moving wash light!

Best purchase

Imm sooo inlovee w thesee lightsss! Really recommend if you lovee to throw parties and want some lightss thesee are perfect! (But you do need patient, took me 3 hours to program.)

Amazing and High Quality Light

Very nice product I like it very much. I will order 4 more pieces.



Very bright, great value! Note: all auto programs have a strobe sequence.

These lights are a bit small for 500-1000 seat theatres and conference halls, perfect for the 150-500 seaters and halls, and a bit overkill for smaller 80-150 seat banquet facilities and restaurants. They work as advertised with one small, but significant caveat: all the stand-alone programs (FastMode, SlowMode, and SondMode) have a strobe sequence. With two of these lights synced together, the strobe effect is intense. We do lots of weddings, and these lights could easily set off a seizure. Parents already come up and ask for Revo 4’s or Vue 3’s that are pointed at the ceiling to be turned off, and the strobe effect on the Betopper LM108 is much more intense. I contacted Betopper directly, but other than connecting the lights to a controller, they did not have a solution. Perhaps for DJ’s that do medium and large halls, which is the goldilocks zone for these lights, Betopper could add a no-strobe bank of auto/sound programs. That said, they work great, are super bright and good value. Cheers.

Cool light to have for our little summer get togethers

This thing is SUPER FANCY! I got this with intents to only use this at our small family & friends get togethers OR for when one of our 3 kiddos have birthday parties in the future. This light is the PERFECT addition to making any party or event the place to be! Just add some tunes & it LITERALLY feels like you are at the club! The functions & options of this light module are practically limitless! Its tons of fun! It will definitely take me a little while to figure out how to use it properly. But it's a FUN learning process! Haha

Nice fixture

Seriously impressive at the price point-- sturdy housing. Nice fit and finish. Stepper motors and drivers seem to be strong. Has feedback on position. If you move an axis out of position, it will pause for a moment, then return to its index position. Color is very bright, beamage is good, impressive zoom range. No individual control over color per cell that I could find. Mixing is decent. Smooth 16-bit tracking. Handy powercon connectors.

I just received waiting for the 2nd one but so far very good light for the price

Super texture, great stage lighting effects, a good demonstration of the wonderful stage

Cheapest working mover ever!

Wish it had a little bit larger range of motion but if you need a random light scanning the room it works. I suggest use only with a DMX controller as it gives way more operations then the remote

I purchased 4 lights

I purchased 4 lights, one was a bit wonky on startup. I sent message on here to seller Thursday at 10:30pm, they got back to me within 10 minutes. And offered to replace the light, I needed a set for the weekend so ordered replacement as I only had till 11 pm to have guaranteed delivery for Friday. Received new light, Very quick, Then seller reviewed my video I sent them and refunded me, told me to keep the light so I have parts if another has an issue. They work well.

Crisp bright RGB lights. Very Satisfied.

Can not beat the overall value. Performs as well as AMDJ for a fraction of the price. Great lights.


Wonderful beams. much brighter than others I bought



Can't be beat for the price

These lights look legit! They are easy to setup. In this case, plugged one into the other with a DMX cable, set one to sound activation mode and they synced immediately. I connected four of them to a DMX controller and they all have smooth operation and high output. Definitely don't let one catch you off guard and shine in your eyes. They appear to have different build revision levels, but there is not much indication from the outside of the light case other than the heat-sink may look different or the control display may look a little different. Some will have fans that are a little louder than others, but still not louder than a laptop fan. I'd recommend that if you want multiple lights that all exactly match, to order them all together at once.

Fun Light at a Great Price!

I had a discount coupon so why not? The movement goes everywhere in the room. The colors are bright so I can use it while I listen to music during the day. It picks up the sound at a normal level so you don't have to blast the music. The motors are fast and I like watching it lying down when we are not dancing. I like it so much I am buying it a twin!