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They are super cool👍

I have gotten this light and this light has a long range and is very bright and light, I love this amazing light👍

9r 260 watt

hi there we have purchased 4 of this type of fixture 2 of the units came with power cons in and out and 2 have inputs only is there a plate you could send us to fit 2 power cons we have ordered 2 more units today if you could send the plates with then that would be great thanks dave

Hello, thank you for your love for our products. You can send the pictures to our customer service email: shopify@betopperdj.com. We can help you better.

Très bon produit !

Lyre puissante avec une bonne qualité de fabrication. Les modes et effets fonctionnent très bien. Le micro capte parfaitement la musique, avec la possibilité de régler la sensibilité en fonction de l'intensité de la musique.
Très bon produit qui offre un excellent rendu visuel et qui convient tout à fait à des DJ ou autre qui se produisent dans des salles plus ou moins grandes. Je recommande !

LM0704 light

The lights are great and they are at a great price. The shipping was very fast. I appreciated that. I only have an issue with one light that I received. It had a loose **** inside making noise and the light would not zoom at all. I removed the loose **** and put back together and now the light is working fine.
Overall I would buy these lights again and would recommend to other friends.

Best purchased I ever done. Im starting to save for my next set of wash lights


This is a really great Pro light mover. Would recommend...

Hi there! Thank you very much for your love of our products. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time and we will try our best to help you. Have a nice day!

Excellent moving head fixtures

I purchased four of the LM0740 units, they have an unbelievable output for the price! The programs are very smart and these feel like a much more expensive unit.

Hi there! Thank you very much for your love of our products. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time and we will try our best to help you. Have a nice day!

Lights and movement

Solid unit with smooth running motor. 120 or 240v allows more control. I tried and like the auto program and the movement to sound is nice. Several settings on the small screen. Fact is that it's not clunky like the older units lights go from tight spot to wide spot and dance with music. LEDs last a long time and don't get hot. Overall this is a great way to keep it moving on stage. Powerful enough to light up about a 30' area with dazzling multi colored lites. Price is on target and quality is outstanding.

Nice and excellent for the price

Nice and excellent for the price, I hope that you have a website that we can use to get a DMX profile for this model.✌️🤘

Thank you very much for your suggestion. We greatly appreciate your feedback. Our technical engineers are currently organizing these profiles, and we will work on resolving this issue as soon as possible.

Absolutely Stunning!

The Betopper Moving Head Lights 19x15W RGBW 4-in-1 LED Stage Light with Zoom Beam is awesome. Easy to use, very portable and placement in so many places. You can hang, mount or just set on floor...wherever! Highly recommend this stage light.

Awesome light!

I thought is was gonna be a cool party light.
It's not...but it does appear to be a cool professional light! It's a good quality light.
This seems to be designed to work with a controller. I obviously don't have one but now I'm interested in looking into one to see how it works.
This is also SUPER bright! Like if you stare too long at it you'll hurt your eyes bright.
Thankfully it does come with auto modes so I was able to see how it works.
I'm probably not going to become a professional over this but I can see me using this for parties with friends and families.
So, as a non pro who has no idea what he's doing yet, I'd still recommend this. Just keep in mind that you will need a DMX 512 controller board and know how to use it to get the most out of it. You can still just put it on auto though and have a light show.

Built more substantially than most others.

I was surprised at the weight and heft of this. More importantly it is easy and intuitive to control. The control panel that is built right in is logical and works with ease.
This can be used as a solo lamp, or even better yet get at least one more so you can position them on each side of the stage.
It has a zoom in and out and the whole bulb section pulses in and out. So, you can effectively pin point the beam to a narrow width, or zoom out to a wider spread.
There is a power in and out in the event you want to use multiples of these in a daisy chain fashion. There are varying control modes whether you want to just use DMX, or sound activated, auto, or master/slave.
It also makes for a great holiday supply: Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Fourth of July, and the list goes on. One caution is that the directions tell you specifically not to use it in a wet environment. All in all, highly recommended.

Mini stage moving heads

Great lights for the price. Bought two of these and they work great. Lights are quite bright and am enjoying them so far.


I work with professional theaters and things designing lights and doing other tech and needed something in my price range and good for small events I might do and this light has not disappointed. It is bright and works well.

Professional quality

For my full review go to Amazon, but just to say I was impressed first by the silence when I first powered it. The fan works on demand. Also all the mechanics were smooth and capable of fine adjustments. Light output matched the video. Look forward to exploring its capabilities beyond disco eye candy.

Great light

Very bright especially for its size

Fun for parties

If you are looking forward to bright up your parties, this is what you need. I sync light with music which works fantastic. I could control the speed and there are some more options you can change the mood. Also, the little screen is very helpful to control this device. Brightness on this light is fantastic and has different colors which you can choose. Strongly recommend it for parties.

This is gigantic and awesome

This is perfection. Bright LEDs with tons of features and quiet motors. Relatively light-weight and in the world of DMX, at least semi-intuitive.
This will sound odd, but what I like most about this light is that it isn't too big - most of the moving head lights in this medium price-range (for smaller venues like mine...60 seat) are too large for the space. Not only is the footprint usually too large, but the beams are so overly bright that they light up everything in the room - this is just as bright, but far more controlled. Totally a 5 star fixture!

Hight Quality and Powerful!! Amazing Price!

I recently had the opportunity to use this moving head light for a performance, and I must say I was blown away by its capabilities.

The first thing that struck me was the brightness of the light. It was incredibly powerful and was able to light up the entire stage with ease. The colors were vibrant and vivid, making our performance look even more dynamic and engaging. It's small, but very bright.

Another great feature is the variety of color options. It had a wide range of colors to choose from, allowing us to create different moods and atmospheres for each song. The color mixing capabilities were also impressive, giving us the ability to blend different colors seamlessly.

This light only has one 8-facet prism, if there are more prism would be even better. Can produce more effects!

Many functions

19 40w LEDs, very bright, with many functions, pixel mapping and zoom. Color changing and light dimming is available. I will use it at my friend's wedding, I believe it will bring me good effects.

Fantastic Bang for your buck!

I really like this moving head light, it is one of my favorites in stage lighting equipment. This lighting device is very easy to install and use, just plug it in and set some basic parameters. It comes in a variety of colors and effects to add visual appeal to my performances. I like its shaking head function, which can move in different angles and directions, making my performances more vivid and exciting.

Solid, versatile stage light

This beefy light is really great and multi-functional. Along with a stationary Par light, and a light bar, my band can really make quite a stage image and show.
Lots of functions, and very bright.
Easy to navigate menu.
At some point, we may get a DMX controller, to run to both the Par light and this motorized light off of the music, and step up our game and stage concert presentation.

Awesome addition to my DJ set up!

I recently started to think about adding lights to my DJ set up, so when I saw this moving head light, I just had to try it! I am so glad that I did, because it is quite awesome! I love all the colors the unit is capable of, and I also like the zoom and wash modes. I also acquired an inexpensive DMX controller, and this light works very well with that too. The light output is super bright, and the motor provides excellent smooth motion. So far, I am very happy with this product to take my DJ gigs to the next level, so it earns my five star recommendation and blessing lol!

Great Quality and pretty bright.

The quality of this moving head light is very good, it is very durable and can withstand long-term use. Its bulb life is also very long, Life time:50000hours and I dont need to replace the bulb frequently. This allows me to focus more on my performance without having to worry about lighting equipment malfunctions and maintenance issues.
Overall, this moving head light is one of my first choices in stage lighting equipment. Its performance and quality are very good, making my performances more vivid and exciting. I highly recommend this lighting equipment to anyone who needs high-quality stage lighting equipment.