The difference between CLB260 and LB230 of Betopper


       In the world of stage lighting, every light has its unique charm and personality. Today, let's take a look at two lighting fixtures, the Betopper CLB260 and LB230 Beam Lights, through a friendly and humorous competition to see which one will claim the crown of the star of the stage!So before we officially start, let’s take a look at their appearance!

  1. Compact vs. Powerful — The Battle of Physiques

       CLB260: Although compact, don't be fooled by my "slim" appearance; my beam is incredibly sharp, with a 2.8° super beam effect. I'm a small package with big energy, definitely the fighter jet among the little ones!

       LB230: I belong to the heavyweight category, a 230W 7R beam light paired with a high efficiency optical lens, like a heavy tank on stage, steady and stunning.


  1. Colorful Competition — Who's More Dazzling?

       CLB260: I have a 12color wheel and a 14pattern wheel, plus an 8facet prism and frost effects. I'm a versatile fashionista, a master of disguise suitable for any occasion.

       LB230: With 15 colors and 17 patterns, I offer a mishmash of lighting effects. My diversity is no less impressive, bringing a new twist to every performance.


  1. Brightness Battle — Who Can Shine Brighter?

      CLB260: My illumination at 10 meters reaches up to 180,000 lux. This brightness is so intense, you might need sunglasses. My light, you just can’t block it!

       LB230 Beam Light: Brightness adjustable from 0 to 100%, I am the embodiment of flexibility, able to "fit in" smoothly in any setting, highly adaptable.


  1. Control — Who's More Agile?

       CLB260: DMX512 control, along with sound activation and automatic modes, my stage performance always keeps up with the rhythm of the music, like a nimble sprite on stage.

       LB230 Beam Light: Basic control functions plus automatic position correction, I am as steady as an old dog, with userfriendly operations that might make you want to cry.

  1. Professionalism and Protection — Who's Safer?

      CLB260: Intelligent halfpower mode, full system thermistor monitoring, overheating protection, and fan status monitoring system. This safety configuration keeps me coolheaded even during long working hours.

       LB230: While I have basic safety features, my oldschool charm and reliability also ensure safe use without fear of overheating.

 Each light has its own strengths. Let’s take a look at the parameter comparison chart!

       Betopper's CLB260 may be small but is definitely powerful, suitable for those who seek efficiency and flexibility. The LB230 Beam Light, robust and versatile, is ideal for those who prefer classic and imposing. Which one to choose? It depends on your stage needs and personal preference! Regardless of your choice, the stage effect is sure to be thrilling!

       For more information, please pay attention to Betopper’s official website! ! Welcome to poke!

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