Betopper Battery-powered LED PAR Light New Product Launched
1. Introducing Betopper's new products
  • Betopper innovates again
  • New product category: battery-powered LED PAR lights
  • Product transportation challenges and solutions
2. Product functions and uses
  • 6x18W 6in1 RGBWA+UV LED lights
  • Create tens of thousands of colors
  • Applicable occasions: KTV, parties, bars, DJ performances, discotheques
3. Portable design
  • Wireless design and built-in battery
  • Lightweight and portable, weighing only 3 kg
  • Applicable to special occasions: grassland, seaside
4. Control and operation
  • Equipped with remote control
  • Built-in DMX transmitter and receiver
  • Support DMX512 standard protocol
  • Mobile phones and tablets control lights
5. Romantic application of products
  • Suitable as an atmosphere light for marriage proposals
  • The surprise of suddenly turning on the lights
  • Creating a romantic atmosphere scene
6. Battery life and lifespan
  • Uninterrupted use all night
  • Service life of 60,000-100,000 hours
  • The importance of after-sales service
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