Warranty Claim

Welcome to Betopper warranty service page.

We apologize in advance for whatever inconvenience you may have met after purchasing from Betopper.

This page is to help you contact us ( shopify@betopperdj.com ) when you have any issues with Betopper products or any other problems you are facing.

Warranty Request Notice

Please note this page is for purchases made through this website. For purchases made through Betopper's Direct Online Stores and authorized resellers, please contact them directly.

How it works

It may save your time to figure out your problem refferring to User Guides before issuing a warranty claim.If your product turns out to be defective during its warranty period, please leave your information and proof in the following form as reuired by returning policy.

Thanks for your time in advance.

Warranty Information Tips

  • Order ID: You can find this in the order history of the account the purchase was made through.
  • Model No.: You can find on the device body directly or packing box, as well as on the manual of the product.
  • Host Model/OS Version: These info will help our technical staff reproduce the error much more quickly.


  1. It is best to have a photo or video when the issue happens.
  2. Before Betopper can release a replacement, it may be necessary to return the defective item for quality inspection.