Q: Where does the Brand name "Betopper" come from, or originate from?

A: The brand name "Betopper" comes from the combination of the word "Be" and "topper", that's topper than top, which means we are dedicated to producing the topper quality products than the top sellers on the stage lighting market and archieve continuous transcendence and breakthrough.

Q: When and where was Betopper founded?

A: Betopper was founded in Shenzhen, China in 2003, which was the sub-brand of Big dipper.

Q: Couldn't process the purchase?

A: To do it well, here are 2 ways: 1. Use Paypal; 2.Pay with credit/debit card 3. Contact us for the other account.

Q: Why my code couldn't be combined with other discounts?

A: Betopper always provides cost-effective products. And high quality always means high cost. Sometimes, we create coupon code to thank Betopper customers' support. So the website limits one code per purchase when checkout. Two codes couldn't be combined with your order.


Par Lights

Q: Do they remember their dmx address settings after being turned off?

A: Yes, please set up the DMX channel you want and press the "enter" button to confirm, then it remembers your last action once power off.

Q: Will these Betopper par lights be okay to use in the rain?

A: No, most of our stage lights are IP33 weatherproof which is not suitable for extreme weather conditions. Please use the rain cover for stage lights.

Q: Will these work with DMX 512 controller?

A: Yes, Betopper par lights are compatible with most DMX512 controllers on the market.

Q: Can I daisy chain mini par lights together?

A: Yes, Betopper par lights are easily daisy-chain.

Q: Can I use these Betopper par lights for uplighting a wedding, putting them on the floor and have the light angled?

A: Yes, Betopper par lights are great for uplighting a wedding. Wash par lights come with 2 brackets and can be put on the floor,T-bar or T-truss or ceiling as you want. What's more, the par lights can be connected to a DMX controller or lighting without control, which is depended on what you want.

Q: Are lights battery operated or are they to be plugged in?

A: The Betopper par lights are equipped with power switch and you can power it on only to plug it into the outlet.

Q: Can you connect it together? If so what kind of cord?

A: You can Daisy chain them with the cables they come with, make sure you get the H model.

Q: Is it an aluminium housing with cooling fan?

A: Yes, Betopper par light is an aluminium housing case with cooling fan.

Q: Can i dim this and have it react to music without a dmx controller? looking for something simple to use for some outdoor bar gigs with poor lighting.

A: Yes, The stage lights can be controlled by sound activated, you can operate it through control panel. But if you need to use it outdoor, it is difficult for it need to plug in.

Q: Do these stage lights cone with a remote control?

A: No, all of Betopper stage lights aren't included a remote control.

Q: How to make the light go with the rhythm of the music?

A: Please adjust it into the sound activated mode. And then the light will work by the rhythm of the music.

Q: Can I mount to par light to truss and use it as downlight for highlight my little stage?

A: Yes, It comes with brackets and screws, you can mount them to truss and use it as a downlight.

Q: What's the beam angle?

A: The beam angle for Betopper par light is about 28°. It can be hung on truss, ceiling, or put on floor for your different needs.

Q: Is there a way to disable the flash strobe mode? I like the changing colors, but we find the flashing irritating.

A: Yes, there are different mode in Auto or sound mode like Jumping,Hoping, Pulse, Flash. Please find the lighting effect you want and press the button"Enter" to confirm, then the effect will stay as the one you choose.

Q: What is master-slave mean?

A: In master-slave mode, it means that several par lights can be daisy-chain together to create wonderful eye-catching lighting effect. 

Q: How do you set the lpc007-h to a dedicated 3 channel mode, as i'm using a chauvet dj obey4 which will control 4 channels?

A: Please keep hitting the menu button till you see "dxxx". d is for 3 channel mode and "a" followed by a number is 7 channel mode.

Q: What is the difference between the LPC007 and the LPC007-H?

A: 1. For the 110V home AC output, the max master-slave quantity is 8 pcs while 220V is 16 pcs.

2. For the Betopper LPC007, each light has to be plugged into the power source even though it is daisy-chain with other lights by DMX.

3. For the Betopper LPC007-H, only the first light needs to be connected to the power supply and the others are daisy-chain by the power cable.

4. The LPC007-H can be daisy-chain with the power cord while the LPC007 can't.


Moving Head Lights

Q: Can I stop the strobe feature?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can i dim this without a dmx?

A: No, you can't. The DMX controller is needed.

Q: Can you keep the light on continuously? If you want to use it to light a jazz trio from the side?

A: Yes, it isn't battery operated and please make sure that it's always plugged into the home outlet.

Q: Can you mix colors with a dmx controller?

A: Yes, the Betopper can be mixed color by DMX controller.

Q: I am interested in buying 4 lamps and I want to know what usb interface dmx do you recommend for this model?

A: Betopper lights can receive standard DMX512 signals. It is recommended that you use the Enttec USB-DMX control box.

Q: Can it be hung on wall or upside down from ceiling?

A: Yes you can. They come with a bracket.

Q: Via a DMX controller, can the times be set to move the same direction or do they only move in opposite directions?

A: With the DMX controller, the stage lights can be set to both the same direction and opposite directions. Channel 7, 1, 2 can be used to adjust the angel of the motor.

Q: Can I daisy chain two of these lights together so they will sync in sound mode, or do i need a dmx controller?

A: No, you can't. The DMX controller is needed to achieve what you want.

Q: Can the light be set to be auto responsive to sound on the unit itself? or does it have to be programmed with a dmx controller to run in auto mode?

A: Yes, this can be set to be auto responsive to sound on the unit itself.

Q: How do you connect the mounting bracket?

A: There is an extra mounting metal part included. You can insert it into the back assembling slot on the kit.

Q: How many lights can we safely connect to each other in series?

A: It's recommended to use 4 lights in series.

Q: Does this comes with a remote so i can control the lights

A: No, the remote isn't included. The Betopper has 4 control modes:  auto/master-slave/sound activated/DMX512.

Q: Does have to be DMX control or can it be operated independently with auto programs?

A: The DMX control isn't needed if you just want to operate it independently with auto programs.

Q: Are the gobo patterns able to be changed?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I program a movement and save it as a preset?

A: Yes, you can.

COB Stage Lights

Q: For the LPC001-H, what does the power and dmx connections look like? Do you always have 4 cables hanging from the unit?

A: This is daisy chain design, yes, it has 4 cables and they are dmx signal input/output, and power input/output.

Q: If mounted from a twelve foot ceiling points straight down how much surface area would this cover?

A: The beam angle is 40°,and you can adjust the angle by adding a barn door to it.

Q: How can I mount barn doors to this unit?

A: There are special screw holes for you to mount the barn doors on.

Q: Would this product work as a spot light for a medium size backyard?

A: Yes, it would.

Q: Is this electrically grounded?

A: Yes, the unit comes with a three wire grounded plug attached. And has a UL approval sticker.

Q: Do these have built in fans?

A: Yes, the COB stage lights have an aluminum shell and cooling fan, which effectively dissipates heat to ensure that the lamp works stably and reliably for a long time.

Q: Do I need to purchase dmx cable separately?

A: No, the dmx cable is included.

Q: Are these dimmable via DMX?

A: Yes, this can be dimmable via dmx.

Q: Is the brightness adjustable?

A: Yes, you can adjust the brightness the light from 0% to 100%.

Q: Does the light stay in the last setting before powering off?

A: Yes, it will stay in the last setting after powering off.

Q: How do you turn it on?

A: When plugged in,it will turning on automatically.

Q: Can i program the lighting effect with a dmx console?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can i use it as a church light?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Is this a 3 pin or 5 pin dmx?

A: It's a 3 pin dmx port.

Q: Can it used in theater?

A: Yes, it can.

Q: Is there an off switch?

A: No, there isn't any switch.

Q: Is this a good option for lighting my swimming pool?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: Can i control the light manually?

A: Yes, you can control the light through the back menu panel.

Q: Can i change the speed of flashing?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: What's the maximum quantity can i daisy chain?

A: It is suggested about 7-8 pieces for the daisy chain.

Q: What's the maximum quantity can i daisy chain?

A: It is suggested about 7-8 pieces for the daisy chain.


Laser Stage Lights

Q: Which program do i need to control it manually?

A: Any DMX program should work. Just set the dip switch to desired address.

Q: Can you mount this unit on a portable stand? Are there issues if you mount it upside down to utilize the brackets?

A: Yes, you can mount it in any direction you want.

Q: Is there a way i can avoid eye contact in the automatic mode? can i set boundaries or anything? i want to make sure the lasers don't point too low.

A: Yes, just make sure it's high enough so the unit is pointing at a downward angle. This helps because it mostly hits people from above inside of straight out.

Q: Is this waterproof?

A: No, it isn't.

Q: Can you control the unit with Sound activation if you don't want to use it on every song if unit is high on a stand?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Where can I install the product for the best results?

A: It is best to install it on the ceiling or wall so that the stage lighting can illuminate the entire room. Built-in mounting screws, you can also put the product on the table, floor, outdoor or wherever you want to install.

Q: Do you need any specific program or controller for this?

A: This product does not require any specific programs or controllers to work. If you are an amateur player, you can adjust the light to auto play mode or sound control mode.