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100W Warm/Cold White Cob Par Light LC001-H 8*3W RGBW Mini Spider Light LM30A 200W RGB 3-in-1 COB Par Cob Par Light LC200W-H 100W Warm/Cold White Cob Par Light LC001-H(4pcs) 54*3W Warm White Led Par Light LP012W-H Barn Door for Cob Par Light

Par Cans For lighting stages and also movie theaters, you will discover that PAR cans are used far more frequently than any other sort of luminary. The fixtures of the PAR cans are almost comically simplistic in the design, with a blocked cylindrical tube made using a mix of aluminum and also steel. The acronym The Same Level suggests "parabolic aluminum reflector", as well as the name originates from the layout of the PAR can that uses a reflector in the style of the PAR cans. This reflector assists to concentrate the shining light, in addition to giving the light the shape of an oval, also called a parabola. There is an outlet placed right into the rear of the PAR cans, as well as this outlet is made use of to hold the bulbs utilized to provide the lighting of the PAR containers. The socket likewise provides the electrical current required to power the light.

A lot of the PAR cans make use of normal light bulbs, but there are several LED bulbs used as well. There is usually an area for a gel framework near the front of the PAR cans, as colored gels are placed into the frameworks to supply illumination in a range of colors for the theatrical or music performance.

The sizes of "PAR cans" often tend to differ, normally ranging between The Same Level 16 and The Same Level 64. The number used to stand for the size of the can is 1/8 of an inch, and this goes for the LED or regular light bulbs in addition to the PAR cans themselves. For example: A PAR 64 can is able to support a bulb that is 1/8th of 64, or 8 inches, in size. Despite the fact that phase and also staged illumination is the primary use these PAR containers, they are made use of in many other circumstances too. A variety of clubs, dining establishments, as well as pubs make use of these lights. They are additionally utilized for a number of building functions. The Same Level cans are often utilized as part of a mounted lights configuration, though just the small PAR 16s are made use of for this purpose. We are using a range of PAR canisters, LED and normal PAR bulbs, as well as a substantial option of top quality PAR can accessories. You will certainly find that every one of your PAR can needs can be filled up by checking out our shop, so make certain to stop by for a go to today. This will certainly assist you to brighten your stage in a whole new way, making your staged effects much more "reliable".

We know that phase illumination is a mix of 2 vital ingredients: innovative equilibrium and sufficient lighting. We think about these the two essential aspects of your stage lighting, which is why Bulb America is pleased to present you with one of the most comprehensive series of stage lights that you can discover anywhere. We not only offer The Same Level cans, however likewise the devices, light bulbs, LED light bulbs, DMX controllers, dimmer packs, and also projector lamps for your phase lighting requirements. Rather than having to deal with the nuisance of needing to pick each individual part for your lighting system, you will certainly locate that our LED illumination packages for our customers can provide you whatever you need for your lights from stage illumination to the stands for your lights and also the clamps to hold them still.

Our DJ illumination option will certainly provide you will certainly many options for LED phase lights, crank trusses, light stands, light bulbs, as well as also the very best illumination effects to illuminate your program and also make it a really impressive performance. You can be certain that you will certainly have your target market's rapt focus with the best show illumination, and you can have them wanting even more thanks to our quality LED phase illumination items. Just the very best GE, Osram, Ushio, as well as Philips light bulbs are utilized, and we just provide the best.

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