Is the Betopper LM1940 a good product?

Is the Betopper LM1940 a good product?


Hey guy! Recently, many friends are very interested in Betopper LM1940, but can find very little information, so hesitant to place an order to try, do not worry, this is not coming, let's take a look at it in the end what is a thing.

       To understand a product, that is destined to be his parameters to pick clean.

Betopper 19x40W RGBW 4-IN-1 Moving Head Light LM1940
  1. Voltage: AC100V~240V 50-60HZ

Suitable for most parts of the world, strong compatibility.

  1. Rated power: 760W

Higher power means strong light output, suitable for large and medium-sized places.

  1. LED light source: 19x40W

Each LED bead 40W, total 19, provides powerful light output and brightness.

  1. High Power RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs

Able to mix red, green, blue and white to achieve rich color changes and strong color expression.

Betopper 19x40W RGBW 4-IN-1 Moving Head Light LM1940
  1. Zoom: 4.2°-38°

Large zoom range, from narrow beam to wide beam, can flexibly adjust the beam angle to adapt to the needs of different occasions.

  1. Strobe: 0-20Hz

Wide range of strobe effect, can realize fast to slow strobe effect, suitable for a variety of performance scenes.

  1. control mode: DMX512, voice control, master/slave DMX

Support a variety of control modes, including professional DMX512 control protocol, suitable for professional lighting consoles, also supports voice control and master/slave mode, easy to use.

  1. Channel: 21/23/35/78/92/100/102 channels

The high number of channels means a wealth of control options and effects, which can realize complex lighting programming and performance effects.

Betopper 19x40W RGBW 4-IN-1 Moving Head Light LM1940
  1. Dimmer: 0-100% linear dimmer

Linear dimmer function, can smoothly adjust the light intensity, adapt to different performance needs.

  1. Horizontal: 540 ° + 16-bit fine-tuning

Horizontal rotation angle is large, precise fine-tuning function, which can realize delicate light positioning.

  1. Tilt: 270° + 16-bit fine adjustment

Large tilt angle, precise fine adjustment function, also can realize fine light positioning.

  1. Display: LCD color display

Provide intuitive operation interface, easy to use and setup.

  1. Rechargeable Battery: Optional

Provides mobility and convenience, suitable for temporary performances or occasions where power supply is inconvenient.

  1. IP: IP20

    Betopper 19x40W RGBW 4-IN-1 Moving Head Light LM1940

The only little regret, only for indoor use, but no harm done, indoor to show his more advanced beauty.

         From the basic parameters, this LM1940 moving head light overall function and flexible control options are quite powerful, suitable for large and medium-sized performance venues, stage performances and light shows and other scenes. But where it is waterproof, it is simply unbeatable. So if your needs are for indoor performances with complex lighting effects, this light is worth your very much worth having!

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