Why the Betopper CLB260 is a great value?
        When looking for the ideal stage lighting, what are the first factors you consider? Brightness? efficiency? Durability? Or product versatility? But in fact, with so many factors, the most critical one is how to choose the...
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The difference between CLB260 and LB230 of Betopper
       In the world of stage lighting, every light has its unique charm and personality. Today, let's take a look at two lighting fixtures, the Betopper CLB260 and LB230 Beam Lights, through a friendly and humorous competition to...
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Common Moving Head Light Failures and Solutions to Know
       When moving head lights fail—no power, dim bulbs, control failures, or even sudden explosions—the performance site immediately becomes an awkward situation. How do we quickly resolve these issues and restore the stage's brilliance? Let us uncover the...
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