Stage Lighting Cannot Fail in Connectivity

Here's the image depicting various types of Betopper stage lighting equipment interconnected with cables

        Before we delve into the details, let's take a moment to watch a video showcasing the new COB technology stage lights!


Utilizing the latest  Chip-on-Board (COB) technology, our new COB stage light sets a new standard in comparison to traditional LED counterparts. It delivers higher intensity, exceptional uniformity, and superior quality cold

and warm white beams, all while consuming less power. Experience the brilliance of the 200W COB LED Par Light, offering ultra-brightness and the versatility of dual warm and cool light in a single wash light fixture.

       Now, let's explore our latest innovation - the 6-pin power and DMX dual cable. This cutting-edge cable combines power and DMX signal functions

into a rugged 6-pin connector, simplifying your lighting setup. Designed to meet industry safety standards, the cable ensures worry-free operation during performances. The 6-pin power and DMX combo cable is perfect for theaters, concert halls, and outdoor events, and is a must-have for lighting professionals seeking efficiency and reliability. With this innovative cable solution, you can streamline your lighting connections and focus on creating unforgettable visual experiences.

      This wash light features a daisy chain design with integrated power and XLR cables, eliminating the need for additional cables. It supports DMX console operation and master-slave mode, enabling seamless compatibility between multiple devices,freeing your hands, and increasing work efficiency.

With the ability to easily synchronize multiple units, you can effortlessly create complex lighting setups.Whether you're controlling a single fixture from the console or coordinating them in master-slave mode, this feature ensures smooth operation and precise synchronization, allowing you to focus on perfecting your lightinBetopper 60x3W 3-IN-1 RGB Led Par Light LPC180g design without the hassle of manual coordination.

       This integrated approach reduces cable clutter and simplifies the installation and dismantling process of stage and event lighting.

       The innovation of COB technology represents a significant leap forward in the audiovisual industry, offering higher performance and efficiency. With features like the 6-pin power and DMX combo cable and intuitive design, setting up stage lighting has never been easier. In the future, Betopper will continue to enhance product intelligence, aiming to provide users with more efficient, smart, and safe products. Please stay tuned for the latest developments from Betopper as we strive to deliver excellent products and services in the future.

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