Betopper 200W RGB 3-IN-1 COB Light LC200W-H
Betopper 200W RGB 3-IN-1 COB Light LC200W-H
Betopper 200W RGB 3-IN-1 COB Light LC200W-H
Betopper 200W RGB 3-IN-1 COB Light LC200W-H
Betopper 200W RGB 3-IN-1 COB Light LC200W-H
Betopper 200W RGB 3-IN-1 COB Light LC200W-H
Betopper 200W RGB 3-IN-1 COB Light LC200W-H
Betopper 200W RGB 3-IN-1 COB Light LC200W-H
Betopper 200W RGB 3-IN-1 COB Light LC200W-H
Betopper 200W RGB 3-IN-1 COB Light LC200W-H

Betopper 200W RGB 3-IN-1 COB Light For Wedding Concert Theater


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Light Source : 200W RGB 3-IN-1
Life Span : 50,000 ~100,000 Hours
Color : RGB 3-IN-1
Rated Power : 200W
Mode : Auto/Sound/Jump/DMX/Master-Slave
Channel : 2/4/7
Heat Radiation : Adjustable fan
Product Size : 297*237*295mm

1 * Par light
1 * User Manual
2 * Brackets
2 * Screws

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COB Technology Stage Light

BETOPPER LC200W-H is a COB technology based stage par light. With the COB technology and 200W power source, and the COB chip, it releases super bright, super pure RGB(RED,GREEN,BLUE) base color, and other multi combination colors. It help you creates luxury atmosphere and different strobe effect like fading, jumping, flashing, meets different occasion use like wedding,church events,home party,light shows, birthday etc. Different control mode like Auto, sound active, DMX512, master-slave makes it easier for both lighting engineers and beginners to creates stunning lighting effect.

Colorful & Professional
Stage Lighting Effect

200W RGB chips with COB technology,by color blending,you can create as much colors as you can, It’s color range is fantastically wide and accurately true and renders almost living colors. Built in with precise instrument and automated program,BETOPPER LC200W-H creates different kinds of strobe effect like static color,color fading,jumping etc.It need different kind of occasion need.

Daisy-chainable Design

Daisy-chain design power and XLR with cables,no extra cable is needed for this washing lights. Support DMX console operation and master-slave mode. The intuitive design allows for quick and easy connection, enabling faster setup times and reducing the complexity often associated with stage lighting arrangements. This integration reduces cable clutter, simplifying setup and teardown processes for stage and event lighting.

Our latest innovation – 6-Pin
Power & DMX 2 in 1 Cable

This state-of-the-art cable is ingeniously designed to streamline your lighting arrangements by combining both power and DMX signal capabilities into a single, robust 6-pin connection. Fully compliant with industry safety standards, this cable guarantees a secure and risk-free operation, giving you peace of mind during performances. Ideal for theaters, concert halls, and outdoor events, the 6-Pin Power & DMX Combo Cable is a must-have for professionals seeking efficiency and reliability in their lighting setups. Simplify your lighting connections and focus on creating unforgettable visual experiences with this innovative cable solution.

Adjustable cooling fan

It's one of the few stage lighting device that support adjustable cooling fan.You can adjust the fan speed as per your need according to working environment, the working time,and brightness of the light etc. to ensure the best heat dissipation effect and to protect the life. Comes with 2 screws and installation brackets, this COB par light can stand on floor or hang on truss.
RGB(RED,GREEN,BLUE) base color, and other multi combination colors.


YES,This is 200 W super bright stage lighting,it can be u sed in stage as blinders light,washing light,or stage lighting to highlighting the performance.And of course it can be used in videography or photography because of the high CRI

Yes, it will be bright enough to put one left and the other right

No, the fixture is itself designed daisy-chainable 2-in-1 power & xlr cable,no need extra cables for master-slave them, and there is 2 in 1 cable for power and dmx controller.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Very Brite, Very Capable, Not Quite Professional Light

A 200w COB light is extremely bright. Since most people think of light wattage in terms of incadescent bulbs, they don't realize that a 200w LED is multiples brighter than a 200w incadescent. This Betopper light is very bright. It has all of the functionality you would expect from a theatrical LED fixture, with color mixing and a number of strobe and fade modes. The construction is mostly plastic, but doesn't feel cheap at all. The DMX inputs and outputs are wierd, in that there are hardwired tails that come out of the light (as if you had short DMX cables already plugged into a DMX port), which is the first reason this isn't a professional light. This DMX configuation makes the whole thing seem more fragile, and if you're traveling with the light, the tails make packing more difficult. The lights behavior when connected to DMX is fine, and it performs as expected. I see a lot of reviewers that have purchased this light don't understand what DMX is. If you are using this light just to provide some atmosphere at a party, there are better alternatives that come with remotes. This light is good for small-time theatrical use, where you need to stretch the lighting budget. It can also work for mobile DJ's, but the DMX "tails" are a bummer, and if you spend a bit more, you could get a light that has all-metal construction. In all, I'm happy with this Btopper light (I'm using it in a permanent installation).

Mark B.
What the professionals use!

We used this for our Murder Mystery party photos. They came out amazing. The light is incredibly strong and fill the space really well from afar. This is harder to be used as a spotlight, but you could if it was close enough and you had a dark enough space. I didn't see a remote control with it, so it was only the back. It does have XLR components to connect it to a board and chain of them. It's amazing how powerful this thing is, and how well the lighting looks (no gels!).

Gunnar V.
Definitely A Winner, Winner, Etc……?!!

Large and in charge and ready to spread two hundred watts of awesome light in any color you can think of and in the direction of the PARTY!!! When you DMX the light the options are incredibly cool and getting what you want out of the light is at your fingertips. I would of preferred that the DMX input and output were directly on the light itself instead of cabled but that’s a personal preference and ether way the functionality is the same. I set them up mostly to go with the flow of the music automatically and they do a stellar job of operating with the sounds of any song. It has a built in fan for longevity of the chip on board (COB) lighting. It’s color range is fantastically wide and accurately true and renders almost living colors that really make the party POP! Four Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!

Great Light for Limited Budget Buyer

I bought 2 of these as trials for my portable DJ configurations. I use them for washing large areas including walls and dance floors in medium size event rooms (2 - 2.5K sq ft.). The COBS are very bright compared to my ADJ DOTZ PAR 100 lights. But the Betoppers are almost the a 3rd of the the cost. Would have given 5 stars, except these are a little finicky when controlled by DMX, and I won't to see how long they will last. Also, color mixing is very good.